*John Finnemore stands up, walks over to the side of the stage, grabs a glass of red wine and dramatically gives it a swirl*

*”Narrator” music introduction*

JF: Well! Since you asked me where the hell my script is…!

(Audience notices he’s not actually holding a script. Second cast member hurriedly grabs one and rushes it over to him.)

JF:… I will answer that it was in my hand the whole time! Now, perhaps we might hear that *delightful* introduction music once again…

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Hi, guys!

As some of you might know, I work for a company that organizes guided ATV and snowmobile tours. Last Sunday I joined one of our groups of tourists for a one-day off-road adventure to the Barents sea, Arctic Russia. And as the views were breathtakingly beautiful, I thought I might share some photos with you.

The two rocks on the first photos are called Two brothers. It’s an ancient sanctuary of the Sami people. There’s an old Sami legend about an evil magician named Kiiperi and his wife, who were turned into stone by a good wizard Keivitsa. So it’s pretty hard to tell where the actual name’s come from.

The last photo represents a place unofficially called the shore of ginger rocks. The smell was intoxicating: a beautiful mix of salty air and blooming grasses. The spaces are huge: even if you’re not tiny you feel tiny.
I wish it was possible for the feeling to radiate through the photo, so you could sense it too.

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Arthur and Douglas (x)

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Roger Allam - Gordon's Gin & Schweppes Tonic commercial - Race Horse
Roger Allam
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Roger Allam -  Gordon’s Gin & Schweppes Tonic Radio Commercial

From the reaction I received last week, everyone seems in agreement that Roger Allam is the voice of the Gordon’s Gin & Schweppes Tonic commercials playing on Australian radio at the moment.

Here’s a new one I was able to capture. Can’t you just imagine Douglas Richardson cozied up by the fire, snifter in hand full of… apple juice, reading a few lines of verse?

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tracionn said:

Douglas&Martin have a small ceremony on the terrace at Duxford Museum ('coz of course there is one for such occasions work with me here) surrounded by planes and the sky and Arthur decorates everything with aviation-themed napkins&candles&such and Martin &Douglas say it's a bit silly but actually they love it since aviation and G-ERTI (which is parked outside obviously) brought them together and Douglas draws Martin's smiling face on a napkin and Martin keeps that one for the deacades to come.


I’m with you on the terrace. Of course there’s a terrace. I’m also sure Douglas pulled some strings to get Martin’s favorite aircraft brought out around it for the occasion.

I love that they let Arthur decorate. I love that they acknowledge that it’s silly but that doesn’t make it any less perfect. I hope Arthur also decorated GERTI for the wedding. ^_^

I hope Douglas discovers some years down that line that Martin’s been keeping that napkin and has it framed for him so it’ll safely last many, many more years.

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Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, #9 (suggested by milverton)

Cabin Pressure, #7 (suggested by anon)

Martin Crieff, #6 (suggested by anon)

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deathofabeautyqueen said:

could you draw Arthur Shappey from Cabin Pressure :3

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Once, Now, Future

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